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Lobby Exhibition

The Election Climate in Seoul
Title The Election Climate in Seoul
Period 2018-06-05 ~ 2018-07-15
Location Exhibition hall on the first floor, Seoul History Museum
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The Election Climate in Seoul

The Election Climate in Seoul


As this year marks the 7th annual, June 13th local elections across the country, the Seoul Museum of History will be holding a special exhibition that reveals the history of local governments in the modern-day era and the climate during election season.

Various exhibits will be on display including pictures portraying the very first popular election for Seoul Mayor and publication of local autonomy law in 1952, the Seoul Metropolitan Council Assembly election ballot in 1991 and more. Additional pictures capture scenes from the election, as well as the voting and release of voting results that took place all across the city of Seoul among crowds of countless spectators.

A special video presentation will also be on display on wide screen that provides a look at the first mayoral election in 1960 along with the reimplementation of simultaneous local elections in 1995 to grasp a better understanding of the kind of climate that existed during those times.